I have been a practicing psychotherapist since 1974, specializing in deep relational work and high-conflict couples' therapy.  I developed and supervised a Family Therapy Program at Developmental Services for Children for nine years through the 70s, taught psychology at West Valley College for eleven years and served, for six years, on the board of SC-CAMFT, a branch of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. I helped to found and am on the steering committee of the Santa Cruz Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Society.

In addition, I teach workshops for clinicians in the field of psychoneurology, helping them to apply the new research from brain science to everyday clinical problems in the treatment of the kind of emotional, mood, and behavioral challenges that we all face, and to untangle the difficulties that can plague us all in our most intimate relationships.

For clinicians:
My writings and teachings weave the findings from developmental attachment theory and psychoneurological research into the practice of relational and psychodynamic psychotherapy with both individuals and couples. I am especially interested in the clinical application of difficulties in affect arousal and regulation as both the source of psychological distress and the key to healing in relationships.

I have trained with Daniel Siegel and am a member of Allan Schore's Berkeley study group. My approach to psychotherapy is strongly influenced by relationship principles developed at The Stone Center at Wellesley College. I have taught workshops and conferences across the United States and have on online seminar available at

“No one imagines that a symphony is supposed to improve in quality as it goes along, or that the point of playing it is to reach the finale. The whole point of music is discovered in every moment of playing and listening. It is the same I feel, with our lives; if we are unduly absorbed in improving . . . we may forget altogether to live.”                         Alan Watts

“There will only be one you for all of eternity; fearlessly be yourself.”
Rachel Naomi Remen

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